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There’s always time for a Cinnamon Bun

If this year has taught us anything it's that actually, we all have more time than we thought.

Rushing around, having to do everything now stopped overnight for most of us and after a gradual readjustment I think most will agree that the time we were given was ultimately beneficial in so many ways.

I'm not suggesting for a minute that I've never found time in my day to sit and have a coffee, it is quite possibly my favourite time of day, usually mid morning and outside; unless it's an absolute howler when the conservatory, kind of outside but in, makes a perfectly acceptable compromise.

The extra joy from a simple stop for coffee however comes when the chance arises to enjoy a different view, perhaps some company and even a drop of winter sun, such chance came my way a few days ago, what a treat it was to spend ten minutes beneath the autumn colours, enjoying the warmth of the November sunshine, my takeaway coffee and of course.......my cinnamon bun.

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