Picnic in a cow meadow

                Picnic Recipes

We love to eat outside, whether it's a full on summer picnic, a quick coffee and snack or a warming flask of soup on a winter's day, it's hard to beat the simple pleasure of eating outdoors.

You can find all of our recipes on our blog,  here's some flapjacks to get started with!

Banana & Honey Flapjacks

These chewy and delicious flapjacks are one of our year round picnic essentials.

150ml Rapeseed Oil

250g Oats

3 1/2 tsp Golden Syrup

2 1/2 tsp good quality Honey

1 medium banana, mashed

Preheat your oven to 180oC

Grease & line a shallow baking tray

appx 9x9" square

Add your oil, syrup & honey to a pan

and gently heat until the syrup & honey have melted

Add the mashed banana and then the oats

to the pan, combine everything thoroughly

so all the oats are coated well in the syrupy mix

Tip your mixture into the lined tray and level off.

Pop in the pre heated oven for around

20 mins or until the top is golden

Remove from the oven and leave the flapjack in the pan to cool, just mark out your

flapjack squares, this makes 8 generous flapjacks.

Once cool turn out of the tray and cut through.

Enjoy, outside, with a cuppa.